After many years and thousands of listings we've decided to re-imagine our Allies network in its current form to make room for something better we're calling Wild at Heart Local.

Similar to Allies network, Local will allow our allies to join us in our mission to uncover the hidden treasures of the gospel and rescue the hearts of men and women in their communities. This project is in its early stages but is already a massive improvement in the user experience for both the person hosting an event as well as an attendee signing up. At this point you can only register Fires, but as we continue to improve the platform you will be able to host CORE, BASIC, and Becoming a King Retreats as well as book studies around our resources.

If you are a long-time user of our existing Allies network, we hope you'll consider hosting or joining a Fire on Wild at Heart Local so we can continue to connect like-hearted Allies from around the world.

Check out Fires on Wild at Heart Local