Wild in Red Rock Country!
St George, UT United States
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God's purpose is often found when we are being stretched.  I love to take people on adventures that, within their ability level, will stretch and encourage them in the discovery of God's plan for them.  


Have you ever come back from vacation gushing about the new world you discovered?  That's what I want for everyone!


I make adventures happen for others, and I love what I do.  I will be your concierge and I take pride in what I do!  I will make sure all of the details are taken care of, including picking you up at the St George or Las Vegas airport, driving you to your accommodations, and making sure your adventures are fulfilling.


I'm not stuck on any of my own plans and I will be flexible if you spontaneously change up your plans.  We'll work together to make and incredible experience for you.  The one thing I try to encourage on a daily basis, is an evening campfire. What an awesome way to end a day!  


My base camp is St George, Utah.  Never heard of it?  It is red rock country near Zion National Park that is absolutely magnificent.  Within an hour there are breathtaking red rock vistas and deep pine and fir forests with amazing rock formations.  Have you ever hiked a slot canyon?  Google it!  You will be amazed!  Watch the videos.


I will lead, or facilitate and join you in these adventures;


Mountain Biking


4 Wheeling

Horse adventures safely (as safe as horses can be!)

Air tours

Sky diving

Zip line


ATV tours

Skeet/sport shooting

This is approximately 10% of the offerings of St George, Utah!


Now the Practical -
All expenses will be paid by the participant(s).  What I love doing is being your concierge while facilitating and leading parts of your adventure, and will do my part (organizing, planning, facilitating, researching, logistics), for free for as long as possible, but your budget will determine what you do once here.  If you have very little budget, but want to come and do a few of the millions (ok thousands) of free things to do here, let me know and I will help in any way I can.  I always am looking for warm, clean, dry, yet inexpensive accommodations for the various situations, from a single person to groups to couple & families, etc.  I  might be able to put you up!  You will never know the possibilities if you don't talk to me.  I'd love to talk to you!


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St George, UT United States
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Red Rock Randy
I've known Randy for several years, and have been with him and other men in Moab and Idaho. Our families have broken bread together. If you want a man to Adventure with - it's Randy. If you want a man to hear your heart without judgement - it's Randy. Through Randy I've met several other men in the Wild at Heart world and these men are now very dear friends. Adventure. Live fearlessly. Go see Red Rock Randy!
I have attended three
I have attended three gatherings in Moab, Utah and one in Idaho that were organized and facilitated by Randy. Each event was life-changing, full of adventures, and each one created great memories and relationships with other men that will last a lifetime. One particularly memorable event for me involved tent camping along the Colorado River just outside of Moab with Randy and four other men. Waking up and going to sleep beside the river and amid the red rock cliffs sandwiched perfectly a day of adventures in the Moab area. The Idaho gathering involved hiking, road trips, and just hanging out around a fire together in the Sawtooth National Forest. What I especially love about Randy's events is the fact that he didn't bring a schedule or agenda to the group. Instead, he presented to the group the freedom to go out and do what they wanted to do that day, whether in small groups or as an individual. But if you want an agenda, he can do that for you too, and well. I will also say that Randy's skills and experience are not limited to men-only groups.
Life time friends were made/fears eliminated
I have been to 3 different events. I have made life long friends who I never would have met if we were not brought together through an event lead and organized by Randy. It was freeing to know there are others who are like minded and understand or have experienced the same trials in their lives. I actually left some of the events having overcome some of my life long fears. The adventures of sky diving, climbing cliffs, 4 wheeling, hiking and just sitting around a fire each night with other men will never be forgotten. I highly recommend you give Randy a call !!!!!
Concierge Randy
I know Randy personally, and have been on a couple of outings with him at Moab. You will not be disappointed.....he's the real deal.....a man that's "been in the arena", if you know what I mean....a man that knows "brokeness" up close and personal.....and he will help you find your heart.....or just have a really good time!