Whitney Russell, Licensed Professional Counselor
Denver, CO United States
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​Do you feel stressed, anxious, or unhappy? Disappointed with the direction your life or relationships are going? I help people to heal so they can get unstuck and regain hope and direction for their lives. People come to meet with me because something isn't working. They can't get through the week, or even the day sometimes, without their anxiety taking over. Or maybe they're unhappy with life itself - with their job, or their friendships, or their intimate relationships. They wish they were less stressed, able to pull it together, thriving, and happy, but instead they feel sad, lost, stuck, and overwhelmed.

That's where I come in: I help people overcome their anxiety, thrive in their relationships, and change the direction of their life. ​I know what it's like to feel stuck and I'd love to help you change direction.

I love celebrating with my clients as their lives begin to turn around! You don't have to figure out how to change things by yourself, I can help. 

*In-person and online sessions offered* Contact me today!

*Allender Center Trained
*EMDR Trained
*Splankna Trained
*Emotionally Focused Therapy Trained

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Whitney Russell, MA, LPC
Denver, CO United States
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Wonderful Counselor!
Whitney has been a God-send for my husband and I! What a gifted counselor, I highly recommend her!
Whitney's Gifting
Whitney sees things that not everyone sees. Her intuition leads to good places. She helps you make important discoveries about what's going on in your heart and/or in your relationship with another. She is also quite kind in what she says and how she says it. Her presence results in redemptive shifts inside your heart.
Whitney Russel
Whitney desires to meet people where they are and to replace what may have felt as judgement from others, with a perspective filtered through a lens of compassion. She has a heart to see wholeness, healing, and lasting change in those she comes into contact with.
Whitney Russell, Licensed Professional Counselor