Redemption Road
Loveland, CO United States
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Redemption Road is a mens ministry that is designed to help men live their faith. We do this through weekend events and weekly groups. We believe that God has called us to bring His Kingdom here on earth. That adventure starts by looking deeply at our own hearts on one of our Level 1 weekends and continues with weekly groups over the next 12 weeks. 

One of the things that makes us unique is that we are very expierential. There will only be one talk the whole weekend over 15 mins. The rest of the time we will be walking with you as you practice the principles spoken about in the teachings.

I pray you join us on our next Redemption Road Weekend.

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Aaron Harsch
Loveland, CO United States
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Kingdom Living
This weekend oozed kingdom living. I grew up in a loving family and fantastic church but never experienced the raw and authentic love of Jesus this way. I was overwhelmed by the love and safety each staff brother brought to the men on this weekend. Jesus and these brothers did real battle, my battle, to give me what I needed to shine the light of truth onto my heart wounds. I strongly encourage others to get themselves to a Level 1 Redemption Road weekend!
Before I decided to go on the Redemption Road weekend, my biggest objection was honestly the money. I had an experience that forces me now to think that hesitation was pretty laughable. I grappled with things on that weekend that I did not expect. "Rescue, Restore, Reconcile" is so true. God worked on me and I am changed; I am truly thankful for having this experience.
Unforgettable Weekend
I have never been the same after experiencing this Redemption Road weekend. I was able to rediscover my true authentic self once again. My family and friends noticed the positive change in me immediately when I returned back home after this incredible weekend.
Great Weekend
What is the price of not finding freedom in your life? What is the price of continuing to believe lies about your worth? Redemption Road weekends are for all men seeking freedom in their walk with God. Well worth the time and $$. L'Chaim!