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New 4RMations (New Formations) is a non-denominational discipleship ministry equipping men to live full, adventurous lives in Jesus through the 4Rs of Relationship, Rescue, Restoration and Release, so they may become the men of influence God created them to be, and lead others to do and be the same. We offer a variety of entry points into the 4Rs:




Feeling like a cog in the machine? Are you ready to be called up into something bigger than yourself, a larger story, a battle to fight and an adventure to live? Need a little fun and a little direction? Join us at Base Camp for casual gatherings and adventures. These are genuine opportunities to connect with men just like you around the kind of things guys love. Base Camp is filled with laughter, good food, encouragement, and a theme on living the masculine journey. We regularly gather for things like: Bonfires & Meet Ups Movie & Card Nights Oyster Roasts & BBQs Fishing & Hiking Adventures




Tired of doing life alone? Feel like you’re taking all the heavy fire? We all need allies to help us fight the battles we face. We encourage our men to band together with 2-3 others on the journey to fight for each other’s hearts, to have each other’s backs. A Band of Brothers is a community where wisdom and encouragement lead men toward wholeness and action. The goal is to become free and settled men with nothing to hide, nothing to prove, and nothing to fear. So, come on. Join us. We will gladly connect you with an existing Band of Brothers.


CALL TO ARMS (Restoration)


Call To Arms is for those ready to go deeper into discovering and owning their unique and crucial role in the Larger Story, eager to take back Enemy territory, and ready to live life to the full. The goal is to become well-oriented men…men who know who they are, who God is, and the good He is up to in their lives. Only then will we become the men of influence we’ve been created to be. We regularly hold training drills like: N4RM Battlefront Weekend Wild at Heart Basic Training Weekend N4RM Community Groups N4RM Band of Brothers Training Weekend




Deployment is the end-goal. At some point, we have to pull the trigger. We get together once a quarter as a wider regimen (all Bands of Brothers) to share stories, testimonies, best practices, and learn fight for the hearts of other men through Base Camps of your own or assisting in our ongoing adventures. This helps us regroup, refocus, and champion our Band of Brothers, warriors who are dangerous for good.


We offer other services too:



Wondering, “Where am I?” and “Where’s God taking me?” Spiritual Direction seeks to answer those questions, helping you discover and respond to God’s presence and activity in your life. Spiritual Direction seeks to shift the focus away from the external demands of our lives to places of inner renewal, to recover a sense of “being” in the midst of “doing.”



Got a good idea of what God might be calling you into next, but not sure where to start? Consider Coaching. If Spiritual Direction seeks to answer, “Where’s God taking me?”, Coaching attempts to answer, “What am I going to do about it?” Coaching is a collaborative process that helps clients gain clarity through self-awareness, brainstorming, strategy, and accountability towards a plan of action. So, are you ready to find your true north? Then click below for more info.



Ministry is one of the most rewarding, yet most challenging jobs on the planet. As a leader, it is your job to keep yourself leading from a position of health and spiritual authority, rather than out of positional authority, or worse, dysfunction. New 4RMations assists pastors and ministry leaders in discovering avenues of personal renewal and leadership development amid the demands of serving others.



The Trinity exists in perfect relationship, and as a Christ follower, the same energy and passion with which the Trinity relates is in you. Christian maturity transforms all of our relationships, especially with our significant others. Of course, we live in a world at war and quality relationship does not come easily; it must be fought for. New 4RMations is honored to come alongside couples to join in the adventure of relationship enrichment using Prepare/Enrich®, the nation’s leading relationships inventory and skill-building program.



New 4RMations loves to walk couples through sound premarital counseling using Prepare/Enrich®. We are honored to officiate the wedding ceremonies of those who come through premarital counseling with us.



Is your church, ministry, or team in need of training, clarity, spiritual formation or a simply some time away together? We offer a variety of workshops, seminars and retreats customized to meet your needs, in both on-site and off-site environments. The dedicated time and focused intent of events like these help participants yield significant insights and lasting transformation.



If you are looking for an engaging, seasoned, down-to-earth preacher/teacher/speaker for your church service, men’s ministry, conference, or event, we might be just right for you. We bring the reliability of decades of ministry experience, coupled with a relevant, real and relational style. Our goal is to make your service or event a resounding success.

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Charlie Vensel
Spartanburg, SC United States
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The Right Stuff
There comes a time in life when all men seek, knock and ask those critical questions that nag at their very souls. For some it happens early, for others it may be later in life but they all ask: "Why am I here?" "Will I come through?" "Can I overcome?" The resounding answer is no. The enemy teaches them even as little lads that you will fail and you are a failure. At NEW 4RMATIONS, Tim McNamara and Charlie Vensel are the real deal. They have wrestled with these questions and they have found victory. They are daily walking headlong into the adventure that is life with Christ. They have taken that adventure into a more aggressive journey as of late with the formation of NEW 4RMATIONS. I know their impact of the Kingdom of God, particularly in the Upstate of South Carolina, is going to be measured in generations. I am proud to call them by friends! The have the right stuff! Jesus! Deploy into one of their missions, adventures, events, boot camps and bring lots of guys. I promise you will never be the same! I am not the same because of their love and friendship!
The Pursuit of the Heart of Man
New 4RMations offers an inviting, non-judgmental, and comfortable experience for Christian men who are looking to discover themselves and what makes them come alive. This organization does a phenomenal job of creating an environment where the "religious" aspects of Christianity are shed, meaning that it welcomes men as they are; no traditional-church attitude involved. It seeks to engage the real person, not the "good Christian guy;" the outdoor-cigar-smoking-fishing-racing-intellectual-emotional-artistic-hiking-humble man. The casual adventures are a great place for community and establishing long lasting friendships as well as engaging the God-given purpose and desires of men's hearts. These adventures typically involve a testimony/teaching that is extremely applicable to life. The crucial and critical adventures offer deeper community and relationship with others as well as God. These are especially potentially life-changing. I went on a casual adventure with a group of guys to the Tuckasegee river in NC. I met new friends with many of the same struggles. We were able to shed the "poser" for a few days and be truly authentic with each other. The experience allowed me to "unplug" from my daily routine and environment so that I could relax and get new perspective. The 3 short teachings (1 each day about 30 minutes each) based on John Eldredge's books offered tons of great lessons and perspectives. Most of all the experience was simply enjoyable. I had a great time fishing, learning, and talking to others. The food was fantastic too. I highly recommend a casual adventure. New 4RMations deserves a 5/5 for its efforts, teachings, adventures, and offering a place for men to be men the way God intended them to be. Subscribe to them and go on an adventure! You will not regret it!
Filling a void
New 4RMations is still a young ministry but Charlie and Tim have already had a big impact on my life. I have joined in with many men through New 4RM that are walking the same journey I am on - seeking and finding God in the good and the bad times in this life. With New 4RM, you can be yourself and be redeemed in the process. Thanks Charlie and Tim for following God's call and filling a void in the Upstate of SC with New 4RM.
What you may be looking for
If you are a man who is looking to connect with other men for the expansion of the Kingdom, You found it! All of us need to connect and to connect with purpose. This organization is getting it right