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Polarny, MUR Russia
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Our ministry for men started in 2005 when in the Spring of that year we had the first Bible class with some men in the Russian Navy. Since then we have been doing meetings, classes, and crusades with them. This has proved a powerful ministry since there is no chaplainship in the Russian Military.

Later God broadened our vision to help men, both in churches and around the world. We have a passion to help God restore the hearts of men; help men deal successfully with their problems, addictions, shortcomings; grow as men, as fathers, as husbands; enter this freedom in Jesus; and be real!

In order to reach these goals, we have been doing small men's groups, camps, and retreats (both in summer and winter), hikes, conferences, and other activities. We prefer to gather outside whenever we can.

This is a link to a video of our last summer camp, just as an example:

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Polarny, MUR Russia
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A desperately needed work being done well!
I have had the opportunity to travel to Norway and Russia to see what Manhood Forge is accomplishing. It is fantastic and so desperately needed! The assault on masculinity in this region of the world is very different than what we typically encounter here in western christian culture, and it takes men who has been rescued from it to speak with authority to the men who are hungry to escape it as well. This ministry is speaking with that authoritative voice. Yura Belonozhkin is the point man on a growing team that is focusing on men not only in churches, but in the Russian Navy, in rehab centers, and now through the organization of international mens conferences hosted in Russia and Norway. The most recent one I attended in Hatteng, Norway was powerful. Men from 6 nations gathered. Jesus led us to the heart of the Father. There was healing, revelation and so much hope for walking the journey as sons... True Sons. I hear another is coming up in 2016 in Lakselv, Norway and I hope to be be able to attend that one as well.