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Holos is the Greek word for whole and also the mission Holos – to help people become whole. Too often the church has forgotten that there is more to spiritual growth than just Bible study, prayer or other essential disciplines. Trying to pile on spiritual disciplines onto a broken heart or wounded soul is to keep building on a damaged foundation leading to inevitable failure again and again. On our journey to the abundant life Jesus offered (John 10:10), we must let Jesus heal us, restore us, to makes us whole.

The dashboard of our souls typically send us many messages that it is time to check under the hood. Be kind to yourself and not tape over the warning lights or just turn up the radio of distraction. Don't let fear keep you from having all that Jesus intends for you. 

Holos offers restoration/deep healing for men, women and couples over the age of eighteen. 

Dashboard Warning Lights (a.k.a. You need to come in for service lights)

  • Anxiety and/or depression
  • Marriage issues
  • Pornography
  • Fantasy
  • Use of or participation in pastimes such as TV, internet usage, sports, fantasy sports or other things that interfere with relationships, work or other essential aspects of daily life.
  • Workaholism
  • Feeling directionless, lost or hopeless
  • Frequent anger outbursts
  • Affairs/Inappropriate boundaries
  • Confusion/Lack of focus
  • Pervasive feelings of shame
  • Thoughts that keep interrupting your life whether seemingly innocuous or, conversely, are completely shocking even to you. 
  • Others - People are more complex than cars so the signs of needing to come in for service are both many and unique. Don't ignore them. Get help!


Therapist Bio


Ed Moore has B.S. in Environmental Science from Auburn University and a M.A. in Professional Counseling from Richmont Graduate University. Additionally, Ed has experience with numerous helping models and uses any and all means to help people become more whole. These resources include: listening prayer, the Kraft model of Deep Healing/Deliverence, Dan Allender Story Exploration, and Theophostic. Before becoming a mental health therapist, he worked in the scientific/engineering and business worlds giving him a wide range of life experience. 

Ed is married to Lynn and has two grown adult daughters and one grandson. He is a member of Two Rivers Church. Ed is a lucky man in that his wife loves college football almost as much as he does. In his spare time Ed enjoys the beauty of East Tennessee by taking to the trail or paddle boarding area rivers and lakes.


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Ed Moore
Knoxville, TN United States
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Holos Therapy
Meeting with Ed over the last year has been life changing! Highly recommend.