Garry Senna
Haymarket , VA United States
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Coaching/ Mentoring/ Crisis Management 

I'm passionate about coming along side men and helping them process life.  My career path has allowed me an exposure to many various aspects of the work place that add value to most life experinces.  From a Senior Pastor for 29 years, a Poice Chaplain, a Photojournalist, Project Manager at HP and a John Maxwell Certified Life Coach, I'm a trusted safe place to help you process life.

As men, we were never wired to do life alone and you really don't have to.  Choices we've made and perhaps are still making can isolate us - but it doesn't have to remain that way.  Contact me and we can get a plan to have you live the life you were created for.

You may want to consider giving "me" and my coaching skills as a gift to your pastor as well.  Pastoring can be a lonely and isolated profession, and having an outside person to connect with and to come along side to, can offer fresh insight, health and wholeness.  My history as a Police Chaplain has skilled me in creating quick trust and rapport with people.  I love Pastors and am skilled to really help them navigate the unique issues they face.

Lets partner together to see the kingdom come to your life as it is in Heaven





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Garry Senna
Haymarket , VA United States
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I met Garry during a very
I met Garry during a very confusing time of transition in my life. Through his unique/honest/transparent perspective on life, he brought context to my situation and helped me to develop as a man, husband, father and employee. Additionally, when a close friend committed suicide, Garry helped me (and a group of close friends) find healing and security in God.
Garry Senna Recommendation
I've known Garry Senna for well over 20 years and can attest to his outstanding skills in the areas of pastoral mentoring, counseling, grief management, crisis intervention and group facilitation. As a Police Executive, I was incredibly fortunate to have Garry serve our staff and community as our Police Chaplain while concurrently serving our community as an Executive Pastor and Founder of a local congregation. Garry was invaluable during hundreds of calls that required a mastery in communication, sensitivity and biblical principles. As a skilled and certified coach Garry is a benefit to any organization requiring team building, strategic planning or leadership development. I can recommend Garry without reservation or hesitation.
Garry Senna Mentor Review
Garry led a men's group I belonged to and also spent time with me one on one. He is gifted and exercises that gift with humility. He has made an impact on my life in a positive way. What more could I say?