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Memphis, TN United States
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Note: We are taking a Sabbath for a year, and hope to be returning to this ministry in early 2021.

It's possible that you've never encountered anything like this before!

Freedom Sessions are intensive 90-minute appointments where you are surrounded by 2-3 others to do nothing else but focus on you, asking Father how he wants to set you free today.  God reveals what needs to be done in the way of confessions, repentance, healing, renunciations, breaking agreements, forgiveness, spiritual warfare, etc and the team walks you through a series of prayers based on whatever needs to be done.

You walk in as one man and walk out another.  Seriously.  Much of you what call your personality or DNA or problems that you think you have on this level, are really coming from 3 levels deeper and aren't you or your personality or your DNA at all.  We've seen anger, lust, shame, guilt, bipolar disorder, depression, suicide, physical pains of all kinds, cancer, racing throughts, self-hatred, witchraft, arrogance, religion, anti-christ, laziness, demonic torment, and 1000 other things just come off a person and they leave a new person!  Just 90 minutes.

This may sound amazing or weird to you, but it's all right there in your bible and is, without any question, the most powerful thing that any of us have ever come across.  Remember, if all we needed was Jesus, then why on earth would he tell us to gather and fight for each others?  Coming to your family for help IS the way of the church; it IS the way that Christ (the body) fights for us.  This is the normal Christian life.  We gather with the powers/gifts his given us and fight for one another and build one another up (Eph 4, 1 Cor 12).

Listen, Jesus came to "heal the broken-hearted and set the captive free" (Is 61) and now it's our pleasure to help you get all that Jesus has already bought for you with his blood.

Call or email Brad for more info or to set you an appoinitment.

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Brad McDaniel
Memphis, TN United States
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Brad McDaniel, counselor & trainer
Brad is knowledgeable, passionate, helpful and a great guy and resource. I highly recommend him.
Maverick Missions
These groups are life-savers...and marriage savers! I cannot tell you how many times my brothers have saved my butt from all sorts of warfare and the ridiculous! Come join us!