Captivating Hearts
Sewanee, TN United States
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Captivating Hearts is a fellowship of women who have been significantly impacted by the message of Captivating and the ministry of Ransomed Heart. They have a passion for sharing with others the intimacy, restoration, freedom, and life they have found in Jesus. Their upcoming women's retreat (April 30-May 3, 2015), held at St. Mary's Retreat Center in Sewanee, Tennessee, is a beautiful opportunity to explore the deep mysteries of the feminine heart. This retreat is not about what you ought to do or who you ought to be. It's an invitation to discover who you already are and to come alive as God's captivating woman. Visit for more information.

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Susan Tucker
Sewanee, TN United States
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I am very excited to be part
I am very excited to be part of this first event of Captivating Hearts. The team of women putting this on is one of the most diverse groups of women I've known. They come from states all over the US, each having a very different story from the other. Their love for God and the awakening of their hearts to the Sacred Romance is the tie that binds. I'm really looking forward to this event and all that God will do!
I have journeyed with the women that are putting this retreat together for four years. These are some of the most gloriously alive, authentic and living from their true hearts people on the planet!! I have watched them fully embrace and welcome new friends into the Larger Story that each of them is living! I can not begin to express how Jesus has used these valiant, brave, fully alive, and stunningly beautiful (inside and out!) women in my life and journey - as well as in the lives and journeys of some of my closest friends here in VA! I truly can not wait for this retreat!!