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Searcy, AR United States
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Since 2001, Capstone has joined hundreds of families in the battle for the whole family to have healthy, balanced, and fruitful lives – sons, siblings, and parents. Capstone residents have come from 43 states and 3 places outside the US. In every location on the map there is a tidal wave of drug-alcohol-sex-pornography-addictions, trauma, compulsions, and other issues that are preventing young men and their families from developing deep relationships and successful lives. This battle sets the stage for Capstone Treatment Center.

Capstone Treatment Center is a licensed residential program for young adult and adolescent males; young adults 18-24 and adolescents 14-17, who struggle with chemical dependency, substance abuse, sexual addiction / compulsivity, trauma, family conflict, and personal problems including; loss, abandonment, attachment issues, hurts, anger, abuse, depression, low self-esteem, defiance and a rebellious attitude.

Capstone partners with families in the recovery journey so that their sons can grow into successful young men with quality relationships and fulfilling lives, even in the presence of addiction. We believe life-purposes are found first, in core-to-core relationships with God, self, family, and friends; and second, in the discovery, development, and positive use of individual gifts.

The Capstone Mission is to provide a highly effective treatment experience to give residents and families the best opportunity to make a paradigm shift in their life’s direction – to recovery. The success of our treatment approach is in the synergy of professionally excellent therapy in a Christ-centered environment, delivered by professionally excellent individuals who live Christ-centered lives. The Capstone therapy experience treats residents’addiction(s) as well as the underlying psychological-emotional-relational-spiritual problems. As far as God is concerned, Capstone takes residents where they are, from atheist to devout believer, and simply cultivates spirituality from that point, at the resident’s pace, as we develop relationships and implement our Core Model of therapy.

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Chris Insell
Searcy, AR United States
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You guys are doing a good
You guys are doing a good work really by serving people and helping them in their bad times. <a href="">Cheap Office Furniture For Sale</a>
Our son was at Capstone in 2007. He finished his Junior year in Highschool there. He was 16 at the time. Capstone made a huge impact on our family. We feel that Brad being at Capstone probably saved his life. We learned how to communicate better as a family. Our relationship with God grew. The staff and counselors were great. During Brad's stay his grandfather passed away. They allowed him to come home and sent a counselor with him. That took a big relief off of us. To know there was someone here to help Brad thru this difficult time. Today, Brad, his dad and I still talk about how Capstone was very instrumental in turning his life around. He wanted to get help and I know that makes a big difference. Being in a Godly place for help is a huge asset in recovery! Brad has had some difficult times since he left, but he used what he learned and he knew that we would support him. He has told us more times than I can count in the past year that he really enjoys life now! That is what every parent wants to know about their children. Sharron Fortenberry I would highly recommend Capstone to any family that really is serious about getting help. It is a place where God is working and we are so glad that we found
My son was lost-very lost
My son was lost-very lost when he went to Capstone 2 years ago. He was addicted, extremely angry at the world, and souless. His therapists helped bring him back. He was like my boy again-only better and closer to God. The entire staff showed us how to communicate better and love harder. They not only helped my son, they helped our entire family. I wish I could go back there for a few weeks at a time because I have never felt such love and compassion from complete strangers from the get go. My son is drug free now and seems happier than ever and we owe a huge thank you to the entire staff and Adrian for saving his life and past and future boys.
Capstone gave my son tools for his toolbox
Just thinking about the time my son was having difficulties makes me well with tears. We had tried to do our best as parents for 18 years for our dear son and we were not "successful." We were professionals at work and church leaders but unable to teach our son what he needed to learn. His choices were poor. He was going down the wrong path. We took him to Capstone (hard) and left him there very angry with us (tremendously hard) A few months later we picked him up. Today he is continuing in his third year of college and has made good choices for 2.5 years. He learned about himself. He learned about how to work. Now he knows how to talk with us. And we know how to do that with him too. Finally we all love one another. It is hard. I know. Just call and talk with them.
Our son was one of the very
Our son was one of the very first patients of Capstone almost 12 years ago. I cannot say enough good things about the Capstone staff and their methods of treatment. Praise God for what was done in our son's live.
4 years ago we took our son to Capstone. It is the best decision we have ever made regarding him. He was lost, angry, and addicted. Capstone gave us our son back,whole and healthy. He is clean and sober today. There are no words to thank the staff of Capstone for saving our son.