Called to Change - More than a Prison Ministry
Houston, TX United States
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We are a missions minded non-profit organization. Our primary focus is on leading worship, providing mentorships to returning citizens, and delivering 2-3 day outreach events (Captivating Experience) behind bars. We also provide support and training for individuals interested in developing a prison ministry or influencing those impacted by incarceration.

James 1:10 Calls on a rich man to "glory in his humiliation," indicating a glory that does not mean riches, power, or material beauty.

II Cor 3:18 ...we are all called to go from glory to glory. While it may not be answered, we believe no one, despite their position, escapes the "call" to change.

To inspire life transformation, encourage family restoration, and build community through leadership, education, and living life by example

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Chandra Adams
Houston, TX United States
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You call, they come
C2C and Coach Adams have a heart for the lost, broken, and abandoned. Over the last several years, the team at C2C has selflessly and gratuitously given time, and resources to meet the needs of communities across the nation and even internationally. There is never a need that the team at C2C do not strive to meet. They have partnered with other ministries and businesses to see that EVERY need is met, physically, spiritually, and emotionally!
Called to Change - More than a Prison Ministry