Brian M Shannon, MA | Counselor
Bend, OR United States
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Are you caught in the chains of pornography, sexual addiction, or other sexually compulsive behavior?

Has your sexual struggle kept you from experiencing lasting intimacy with God and others?

Are you tired of the never ending cycle where willpower and good intentions fall short?

I believe there is hope! Drawing from a background of excellent professional training and profound personal healing, it is my passion to help individuals and couples safely and patiently walk through the heartbreaking valley of sexual addiction and infidelity. For those who are wondering whether or not they can ever possibly recover from such gut-wrenching betrayal, and even possibly enjoy a deeper, richer intimacy than ever before, I believe…YES!

It is one of my greatest desires to see hearts individually and together set on a path toward surprising freedom that will invite restoration and redemption.

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Brian Shannon
Bend, OR United States
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Brian has a heart deeply
Brian has a heart deeply committed to seeing people freed from the bondage of sexual addiction & infidelity. He is kind, patient, and insightful. Brian engages each conversation with genuine interest and deep curiosity.
Brian M Shannon, MA