September 19-23, 2020 "Prepared for Womanhood" 4 Night Father-Daughter Adventure experience on Magnetic Island, in Tropical North QLD, Australia
September 19, 2020 to September 23, 2020
Magnetic Island (off the coast of Townsville), QLD Australia
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No father wants his daughter to navigate through life on her own, yet without a strong and healthy relationship, she will feel as though she has no other option.

Our “Prepared for Womanhood” 4 Night Father-Daughter Adventure experience is a uniquely-crafted process that helps fathers play their essential part in guiding their teenage and or older daughters through their most difficult life transition, providing them with clear direction, and a healthy identity, thus preparing them for discovering and living out their destinies.

A rich investment made by Dads, or father-figures, into the lives and futures of their daughters, and their relationships with them.

They are also a significant & intentional way of...
1. Having a whole lot of fun together,
2. Creating shared lifelong memories, and
3. Preparing their daughters for, and marking their transition between childhood and young adulthood, or between young adulthood and authentic adulthood.

Who for?
For girls, young women, & mature-age women, and their Dads or significant male others. A minimum age restriction of 13 years applies, however no maximum age limit applies.

Who are the hosts / facilitators?
Darren & Melissa Lewis from 'Fathering Adventures'.

3:00 pm Saturday September 19 - 11:30 am Wednesday September 23, 2020.

Magnetic Island, off the coast of Townsville, in Tropical North Queensland, Australia.

Outdoor Adventure Activities?
The world-class, professionally-guided & outfitted group outdoor adventure activities include
- Snorkelling the outer Great Barrier Reef (with the option to upgrade to Suba Diving),
- A Jetski Tour of the Northern half of Magnetic Island,
- A unique Horse Riding tour
(or a Sea Kayaking tour if preferred), and
- Hiking the historic WWII Forts trail.

No experience is necessary, as all instruction will be provided by our professional guides & outfitters.

How much?
$2,970 AUD per father-daughter pair (including GST).
(3 equal payments @ $990 AUD)

That financial investment includes...
- All transport ex. Townsville Breakwater Sealink Ferry Terminal,
- All catered meals,
- All accommodation (each Father-Daughter pair have their own cabin),
- All world-class, professionally-guided & outfitted group outdoor adventure activities (as listed above) throughout the days, and
- A presentation each evening for the fathers and the daughters, together, on topics such as “Your Internal Compass” and “The Pursuit of True Beauty, & The Lies We Can Believe”, followed by some small-group discussion time afterwards, and
- Some significant moments that are intentionally interwoven throughout our experience together.

How to register?
Register online by clicking on any of the green "Book Now" buttons at the relevant webpage... https://fatheringadventures.com.au/adventure-experiences/prepared-for-wo... ... and complete the brief online form, by clicking "Submit" when done.
Be sure to register right away, to avoid disappointment.

Primary Contact: 
Darren Lewis
Magnetic Island (off the coast of Townsville), QLD Australia
0431 839 035
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Worth the Long Trip? Yes!
Last year I was sharing with a friend how I wanted to do all I could to raise my son up without any doubt that he was my favorite. He introduced me to an ally named Darren Lewis, the director of Fathering Adventures in Australia. So I called him up on Skype to ask him for some advice on how to effectively raise a boy into a man. It took no time to sense that I was speaking to a champion of fatherhood. My story was so like his and I realized that where he had made good choices, I needed to do the same. After much internal debate I sensed the Father inviting me out of my familiar "play it safe" mode and onto an adventure half-way around the world with my son. So this past December my 13 year old son and I flew to Australia to participate in their 5 day PREPARED FOR MANHOOD retreat in the mountains of Southeast Australia. It was the craziest thing my son or I have ever done, and that's part of what made it so fruitful and life-changing. Though it was a risk we were not the least bit disappointed. The environment was the perfect setting for my son to try things he would not have tried if it had been just him and me. Those 5 days brought out a new strength and love in us both. He has been a foot taller since we got back and our relationship now operates on a whole new level. Crazy? Yes. Expensive? Well, maybe, but it would have been more costly to NOT have done this. If you want to do something extravagant to show your kid where your heart is, invest some treasure in him. Darren and Fathering Adventures truly helped me step into a position of strength with regard to being equipped to raise my son into an authentic man. It was a God-breathed experience we will treasure always. My son and I thank you Darren!
One of the best things you will ever do as a dad
I was introduced to Fathering Adventures through my church & took my 14 year-old son on a 5-day adventure in 2012. It was a wonderful experience for both of us. We learned so much about each other & about what it means to be a man. Hearing Darren's presentations for the first time, I was absolutely amazed that I had never heard this before. The principles he shares are so simple, but have the potential to change the world. Can't wait to go on a father-daughter adventure with each of my girls.
Fathering Adventures will strengthen your relationships
Having helped Darren to run several 5 night and 2 night adventures, I continue to be inspired and lead my family as God has called me to do. Darren continues to challenge us to step up to the mark and not make the "passive" mistakes that so many other men have made. If you love adventure with your kids and want to leave a remarkable memory in their lives, then Fathering Adventures is for you!!
Taking your son or daughter on a fathering adventure is something that every single dad absolutely must do!! I was introduced to Darren Lewis and his 'band of brothers' on a mens camp outside Brisbane a couple years ago. Since then I've taken both my son and daughter on a w/e adventure with 'fathering adventures' and been inspired over and over to be the best dad possible. I never really grasped the sheer magnitude of the importance of a dad in the lives of his children prior to this. Darren is a gifted communicator, a down to earth real bloke, full of simple practical wisdom. Can't recommend Fathering Adventures highly enough!
This was one of the most treasured times I have had to share with my sons. 2 have been, still 2 to go. Place yourself in the outback, under the stars, fill the days with adventure, fill your tummy with awesome food, light a fire, have your son beside you, be in the company of good men, have opportunity to share your heart. Priceless. These memories will last a lifetime. Touched both this son and fathers hearts deeply.
Fathering Adventures will change your life as a dad...
I had the privilege of hearing Darren of Fathering Adventures speak at a dinner for men in Melbourne, November 2011, and have since had conversations over Facebook about fathering and about ideas for small adventures with my son who was below the age threshold for the amazing adventures that Darren runs. Darren has been an inspiration to me, his encouragement and conversations with me even though he met me just once, has changed the way I view my role as a father and inspired me to fight my calendar to make sure there is dedicated one-on-one time with my son and daughter. I highly recommend Fathering Adventures, like them on Facebook to keep up with news, read their inspirational blog, and start planning when you are going to take your children on a Fathering Adventure!
RH employee review
I'm the event Director for Wild at Heart. Though I have not had a chance to do a Father-Son Adventure with Darren. Darren did serve as our Work Crew leader for a boot camp Wild at Heart did in Australia, so I and the rest of the Wild at Heart team got a chance to know Darren well. He is taking the Wild at Heart message and using it to further the Father-Son relationship. I would personally recommend his events to anyone.