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Zoweh operates as an Aid Station and Rescue Team committed to freeing hearts and supporting them on their journey to more! We are all on a comeback. Becoming wholehearted is a dangerous proposition. At Zoweh, we love to create resources and environments to invite men and women to experience the Love of God and be transformed, never to be the same.

Join us, and experience a comeback at one of these life-giving events:

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Michael & Robin Thompson
Durham, NC United States
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So thankful
I'd heard about Wild at Heart from some of my friends but I live on the east coast and didn't think I'd ever be able to get to Colorado. Imagine my surprise when, in 2008, I found Zoweh, an ally of Ransomed heart. I've been going to their events ever since and have now joined the full time team. I'm so thankful to John and the Wild at Heart Team for loving and supporting Michael so that I could hear the message of freedom and life. It has made all the difference in my relationship with God, my wife, my family and my friends. Zoweh is based out of Durham, NC. If you're on the east coast, look us up!
Reflecting HIS Beauty!
Back in 2005, my husband and I were disoriented, striving to implement our own plans for our lives, and living chaotic, small, selfish lives. I surrendered my life to Jesus, and shortly after our divorce on our 14th wedding anniversary, Scott came to the end of himself, stopped running, and also surrendered to Jesus. We were hungry for more, for a bigger and better life than we could imagine, and intentionally chose to grow closer to Jesus and each other, we remarried in 2007, walking in redemption as God restored our marriage. In the midst of mentoring couples and sharing our story, in 2008, my husband Scott was invited to Zoweh’s Heart of a Warrior Weekend, where he was awakened to yet a larger story for us to live into. He embarked on a journey of orientation learning where he was, who he was, and the good God was up to in his life. It was as though he had been given eyes to see, ears to hear, and a new heart engaged in God's greater story around him. He invited me to Zoweh’s Deepening Weekend, and I, too, stepped into a larger story, realizing we live in the greatest romance set in the midst of the fiercest battle. And it all came we intimately walk with God, we are learning more about our stories, experiencing healing, redemption, and freedom. With Zoweh, we got our hearts back, learned how to fight (and where the battles are!), and are experiencing a local redemptive community with authentic friendships.
Wide Eyed Wonder
Remember when you were a kiddo? Think back to 4 or 5. Did you have that Wide Eyed Wonder of the world and people around you. What caught your attention? Did Uncle Randal sneak and extra piece of pie or did Aunt Sally always cry when Grandpaw told that story? Maybe you were drawn in by the neighbors 3 wheeler, Gi-Joes or going fishing with your dad! I remember that Wide Eyed Wonder. I've been blessed to walk in the message of the Heart and be friends/allies with Wild at Heart since 2003. Much of my spiritual formation has come through Wild at Heart and then as I served in men's ministry for over 10 years with New Wilderness Adventures. I loved being allies with Zoweh and Michael Thompson. I watched as an ally and I had that Wide Eyed Wonder. I loved watching and cheering Michael and team as God was using Zoweh. It was inspiring to watch God's Kingdom expand and see more oriented men step onto the Kingdom battlefield. Over those 10 years, Michael and I had several opportunities to collaborate and grow in friendship. From Bonfire and Fishing to Boot Camps and Allies Initiatives there was no doubt, Michael and Zoweh were the real deal. The one thing I see that rises above all the other amazing qualities of the Zoweh community is their love for one another. Wherever you cross their path, whether its at a Heart of a Warrior Boot Camp, Rendezvous Couples Retreat, Deepening Weekend for Women, Zoweh Outdoors Adventures or one of their Warrior Small Groups, you will have that Wide Eyed Wonder at their love. They truly love each other. When I became a free agent in ministry, that Wide Eyed Wonder led me to the staff at Zoweh. I love being part of this team! God is doing great things through Zoweh in the Raleigh/Durham area and truly all over the world. Michael's Book, The Heart of a Warrior makes me Wide Eyed once again very much like the first time I read Wild at Heart! I hope that you too will come and see the love and the life that is God offers through Zoweh. The Greek word Zoweh means, after all, life - the life that is found in God. I pray that you will come hang out with us at Zoweh and together we will find that Wide Eyed Wonder together.