WILD AT HEART: Into the Frontier of the Masculine Journey (June 4 to August 27, 2019)
Louisville, KY United States
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​This is the core question every man is asking himself - and being asked - as he navigates the wilderness and frontier of the spiritual and masculine journey.​

Using the best-selling book by John Eldredge, this Maximus Heart Outpost Training will take a 12-week journey through the written pages as well as the topography of the masculine heart.​

Designed for a small, intimate Band of Brothers, this training will be limited in size (4 men total), utilizing both the book and the Wild at Heart Band of Brothers DVD to further illustrate the powerful content from John and his Ransomed Heart team.​

Additional film clips and deeper source material will be woven into the weekly experience, creating a powerful, fiercely intentional, and disruptively honest journey with God into discovering the secret of a man's soul.​

Registration cost is $25.00 - this will cover all your materials & is due at the first session (payable by check or debit/credit card).


Please go to our website at: for more details.​

There is a Battle to Fight, an Adventure to Live, and a Beauty to Rescue. Come discover the essence of living wild, unfettered, and free with God in this amazing journey.

Strength & Honor!

John Fontaine, Maximus Heart - Stories from the Wellspring of Life

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John Fontaine
Louisville, KY United States
(502) 712-1972
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WILD AT HEART study: (June 4 to August 27, 2019)
John Fontaine does a very good job initiating men into a deeper look into themselves and their relationship with Abba, Lord God! John Eldredge's Wild at Heart is a book that shines light onto what men are created by God to be. How we are created in the image of a warrior God. And how to reclaim your heart and soul from Satan. Worth every second!
Fathered By God Study
John Fontaine does a great service in leading men through this study in a small group dynamic. The book by John Eldredge teaches us men how our True Father is there in all stages of our lives, initiating us into the True Man he formed us to be. Created in his own image to shine light and life into the world. It was truly an inspiring and awesome experience!
WILD AT HEART: Into the Frontier of the Masculine Journey (June 4 to August 27, 2019)