Unlock Your Destiny - Discover the Keys to Unlock God's Unique Destiny Planned Just for You!
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You are a Treasure Box that God has filled with unique gifts, talents, purpose, and preparation. Have you looked inside? This 12 week Virtual (webinar) group coaching series for women will give you the keys to unlock your destiny and answer your questions: "What am I created for? What's God's plan for my life? How am I wired and what are the gifts I carry?" Find your life's purpose and intentionally follow the path that leads to it. 

Join with 6-8 women in a webinar format who are hungry to know who God put them on this earth to become. Build community with women on the same journey in a safe, encouraging way. Discover the dreams God has hidden in your heart. Uncover how He made you so you can reach your God-designed potential.

Maybe you've invested in a gym membership to reach your goal of better fitness because you like the structure, comaraderie and accountability. Similar is joining Unlock Your Destiny to discover the reason you were born. This just might be the best investment in yourself you'll ever make.

Sign up by January 15, 2016 and receive 10 weeks of group coaching plus 2 private, individual coaching sessions for only $197. That's a savings of OVER $700 the cost of 12 individual coaching sessions.

Please email me at to sign up or to request more information.

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Claudia KLann
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Grief and Reorientation
Claudia was my life coach and counselor after my wife died and I lost my job. Her Holy Spirit inspired insights and questions helped me to get reoriented and back on track. She is a powerful spiritual warrior and sage bringing extensive training and involvement with Bethel Church in Redding California along with decades of inner healing and ministry experience.
She has a gift
I have known Claudia for many years and have had the blessing of sitting with her many times one on one as well as in social, and spiritual settings. She truly has a gift for opening pathways, creating space to view into and pinpoint the challenges and aide with support to overcome them. She is humble and patient, while compelled to speak the truth. When spending time with Claudia, you will quickly note 2 things; she is a real person that understands humanness and is able to empathize with everything about being human and at the same time is gifted to elevate both herself and you into a space beyond humanness, into grace, and opens the doors to pure truth, with love, in faith. Take a walk with Claudia!
Claudia has a heart for God
Claudia has a heart for God and a heart for helping people. She is genuine and loving.
Truth Teller
I had the opportunity to sit down with Claudia for a one on one this week. During our time together I was encouraged, understood, and challenged! I left with SO MUCH HOPE for my future. Claudia knows how to ask JUST the right questions to help push you to the next level in your thinking and in your walk with the Lord. I am really looking forward to our next time together. Thank you Claudia for being open and available to pour into me...I know your legacy lives on in everyone you meet and coach!
Claudia Klann, Certified Professional Life Coach