The Story Weekend
Sedalia, CO United States
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Every man has lived a life.  In his life, no doubt, he has experienced the interplay of love & tragedy, beauty & pain, peace & profound suffering.  It is our belief that every man has a story to tell & must summon the courage to do so.  In the telling, he will discover more than he ever imagined.  Jesus invites us to enter the wild frontier of our stories, to laugh & bleed together, & ultimately to find him in the midst of our stories. 

It is in our stories of goodness, joy, heartache, suffering, & sin that our truest self is exposed & our truest glory is found. 

The Story Weekend is an invitation for you to enter the wild of the vast Rocky Mountains as well as the vast wildness of your own story.  Risk telling your story in the safe company of men who will be risking their stories of truth, brokenness, redemption & glory, as well. Woven throughout the weekend will be a conversational, communal exploration of the story of Joseph starting in Genesis 37.

When?  Thursday, June 11 (at 5 PM), through Sunday, June 14 (at noon)

Where?  Colorado’s Flat Tops Wilderness Area in the Rocky Mountains


·      The leadership team will meet you in the small town of Yampa, Colorado, at 3 PM on Thursday, June 11, 2015.  From there, we will make our way to our campground in the Flat Tops Wilderness Area.

·      You will need to bring your own camping gear (tent, sleeping bag & pad, camping chair, sunscreen, water bottle, all-weather gear & clothing, Bible & journal, hiking boots, and toiletries).  Please let us know if you don’t have a tent or a sleeping bag & we will try to provide one for you.

Cost:   $225  - This will cover all camping-permit fees, food & beverages for 4 days, & the services of the leadership team

About the Leadership:

·      Jake Mycke lives with his radiant wife of 15 years, Lisa, & their two delightful boys on their mini-farm in Sedalia, CO.  Jake loves the wilderness, wild animals, humanity, & the way in which stories are woven into all of these things.  He loves walking with folks into the depths of their stories in order that they might encounter the ever-present, fierce, passionate, & kind love of Yahweh in them.  Jake earned his BA in Ministry over 15 years ago and, most importantly, has journeyed into the depths of his own story & with others into theirs.  Jake is currently enrolled in The Allender Center’s Lay Counseling Certificate Program.

·      Scott Morin lives with Mandy--his vivacious wife & co-partner in ministry--in the Land of 10,000 Lakes.  Scott is a pastoral counselor, licensed pastor, educator, & M.Div. Hebrew-and-Greek-loving nerd. :) Scott has led work crews spiritually for Wild at Heart Boot Camps both nationally & internationally and also has studied with the founders of Truessence: Sexuality & Spirituality, School of Jewish Studies, & the National Coalition for Purity.

Please RSVP by June 1, 2015

Space is limited to 11 men.  To reserve your spot, please contact :

Jake ( or Scott (


Primary Contact: 
Jake Mycke
Sedalia, CO United States
The Story Weekend