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Pretoria, South Africa
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I attended the Wild At Heart Boot Camp in South Africa in May 2013. 10 days before the camp I found out that another member of our church was attending. We only knew one another from seeing and greeting at church - after boot camp we are best of friends and fighting together for the recovery of our hearts and those of our families. We are starting to meet regularly and are praying for one another and for our families. 

We decided to start a small group with some men from our church. The first phase will be to give the book Wild at Heart to two men we know well. Once they read the book ans show interest we will take them on a weekend bootcamp and with the use of the bootcamp videos do a retreat to help them find restoration as well. After this we will have a regular time of fellowship / accountability. 

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Pieter Labuschagne
Pretoria, South Africa
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Hello Warriors, This is great. Maybe Rising fathers can present a weekend or evening seminar for you. Keep on with the good work. Contact Murdoch, 0833061319, for more information. blessings
Awesome guys, good luck! I also attended, reading the book in early 2013 changed my life! Some of the guys in our dorm decided to form a group and meet every second month due to beingfar apart location wise. Coenraad