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Naomi and Luke and their children were involved in student ministry and outdoor camp ministry for many years. However, God led the Milam family away from Alabama to be on staff at a drug rehabilitation ministry in Georgia. While at the drug rehab, God began to put a desire in the hearts of Luke and Naomi to help the whole family grow in the love of Jesus, not just the one dealing with addiction.  Naomi began a Kid’s Club (Bible-based club) at a local food bank ministry, and other local children’s ministries. Naomi had found her niche, but God was still growing and developing Luke’s heart and passion. One afternoon, Luke was driving past a motel, and God spoke to him, saying , “I want you to do ministry here.” Not really knowing what to expect, Luke and Naomi set up a few tables and chairs, and served dinner. God opened their hearts to a new culture and a new ministry. This ministry has expanded to include not only motels, but other low income housing places such as Housing Authorities, some trailer parks, etc.. These housing situations are temporary or long term homes for many people who have suffered loss financially. You can also find many people there who have endured a lot of emotional trauma and often have turned to substance abuse to deal with it. There are many needs spiritually, physically, and emotionally. Luke says:

“When we first got started, we thought this was strictly an evangelistic ministry. We thought everyone would come and go. We were so wrong. People live here. As a middle class father, part of me wanted to get everyone out of that situation. Then God laid Philippians 4 on my heart. God doesn’t call us all to have wealth, poverty, or great health. He calls us to make disciples where we are. We follow a relationship building model. Many people have been hurt through various types of relationships in the past. It takes time and patience to build trust and make disciples.”

The methodology for this low income housing outreach is as follows: First, they start with food. It has been said, “Food is what brings people together” and the Milams have found this to be true in ministry. Sometimes people need the food from hunger, but other times, food simply helps to begin the relationship. It opens the door for conversations, laughter, learning of needs, and beginning to build trust.

Secondly, the Milams connect with those who are wiling by exchanging phone numbers, taking the relationships to a deeper level. Some of this may be giving them rides, taking them out to eat, giving birthday presents, inviting them over to eat, offering for them do laundry at the house for free, babysit, etc. Again, all of this takes time, but this is where it becomes less about an event, and more about commitment to discipleship.

Thirdly, the Milams start Bible studies and Kid’s Clubs that meet in and around the low income housing communities. This is important for so many reasons. Many people need to find healing. Their view of God needs to be adjusted due to past trauma. Their understanding of the Bible needs to grow. It’s so important to not only lead them toward Jesus, but help them to grow after they begin a relationship with Him. After all, feeding a meal is great to help the body, but if that is all that we do, then we aren’t missionaries. We HAVE to verbally spread God’s Word and the hope the Jesus brings.

There are a few goals to this ministry:  First and foremost, to see people come to know Christ and to grow in Him. Then, to raise up men who desire to be restored to their families. Another is to raise up men and women to be willing to stay in the area to become missionaries to these needy sub-cultures. This ministry exists to change communities by reaching families with the Gospel.

There are thousands of motels and other low-income living facilities across the country. The Milams need financial support, additional staff,  and for God to raise up individuals and churches to adopt a motel in other areas. Let us not forget what Jesus said, “Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brother, you did it to me.”

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Luke Milam
Bremen, GA United States
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