Masculine Journey Radio
Kernersville, NC United States
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A Radio Show and Boot Camp Ministry designed to give men permission to be what God designed them to be: dangerous, passionate warriors for the Kingdom of God. Listen in with Sam Main, Darrin Koone, Robby Dilmore, Jim Graham, Andy Thomas and Brian McWhirter as they use movie clips and their stories to chronicle The Masculine Journey.

Upcoming Boot Camp November 1-4th 2018. Go to our web site for more information.

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Robby Dilmore
Kernersville, NC United States
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Boot camp
A great weekend, with a incredible group of men. If you are looking to play it safe and not get in touch with the creator then this is not your camp. If you want a personal in counter with God, that may possibly change the way you look at the world, then this is your camp. I've been going for four to five years now. Each time I come away with a new appreciation for the creator and tools to help me deal with the battles in life.
Boot camps
I've been to Colorado for both basic and advanced boot camps; I've also been part of several boot camps with this group of men. They do a remarkable job in keeping the quality high and the cost low. I've not been to any of their events when God did not show up in a major way, changing lives; including my own. The love for God and men is obvious with this crew; thank you, Lord!
Seven years ago I was a broken man. I had lost my job and my marriage was on the rocks. Eventually my wife left me. I'd grown up in the church. I knew the talk, but I was walking my own walk . . . into failure after failure. Holy Spirit dropped the information about this "Wild at Heart" boot camp into my lap; I don't even remember how I found out about it, but I signed up and drove four hours into the North Carolina wilderness for a long weekend of compassion, understanding, teaching, and brotherhood. I've been back seven times since then. Each time the message is pretty much the same, but it is always new and fresh for me. The material and the time away, among real men who are just a little further ahead of me on the journey, have made all the difference for me. I am a completely different man today than I was in late 2009, and I am so happy about that. I am so grateful for the message God gave to John Eldredge, for his obedience to go with it, for the faithfulness of the band of brothers who organize and put on this boot camp, and for the friendships and deep bonds that have developed. Can't wait for the next one.
Saved my marriage!
I don't know what happens at this boot camp. I, obviously, being a woman have never attended. But I do know the message this ministry presents and it is truly life changing. My marriage was in shambles and this boot camp made a huge impact. I encourage you to give this message a chance. You will not be disappointed.
I'm not one to write reviews but this one is a must. This experience was life changing. I walked in as a man with pretty normal Christian standards and left with a new perspective of not only myself, but my Heavenly Father and the world around me. This event was something I never expected to make such an impact. Im glad I took the opportunity. It was more than worth it.
Enjoy the show. Great analogies and use of clips. Overall production of show is great.
Life Changing Ministry
As a Christian Radio Talk show host I am involved in many ministries and of all those I can honestly say nothing comes close to the fruit or freedom in Christ of Masculine Journey Radio. We have had 10 Boot Camps together now over 7 years 7 of those we shared with Dangerous Heart and now 3 on our own. We have been on the air for nearly 6 years and I can tell you that the Kingdom is advancing forcefully, hearts are being set and free and I am loving every minute of it.