Man Alive Ministries
Durant, OK United States
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"You live your life by a code.  It's your shoreline.  It's what guides you home.  And trust me, you're always trying to get home."

  • Act of Valor

The code.  It's what we call our set of core values.  This is different from our statement of faith - it has more to do with focus and perspective.  It should be a set of guiding principles for our ministry that will shape almost everything we do.  The code gives leadership something to look toward, members something to model, and men something to be encouraged by.

Man Alive Ministries…

What is it?

A Christ-centered, fellowship of men whose mission it is to rescue, train, and engage other men in Christ.

RESCUE:  Just as Christ came to ransom mankind, we too will make it our mission to rescue the hearts of men engaged in the battles of life.

TRAIN:  We will strengthen ourselves and others through Christ and by His word.  We will train and condition ourselves to walk with God daily and to follow our hearts where He abides.

ENGAGE:  As leaders, we are called to serve.  As men, we will engage our families, friends and communities to draw others to Christ through serving, camaraderie, and support. 

We pledge to do anything short of sin to execute this mission.

Primary Contact: 
Lance Browder
Durant, OK United States