Cape Town, WC South Africa
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You know there is more; a place where you can breathe the rarified air that few ever experience. Maybe those echoes have grown faint, but you cannot deny them. And nor were you meant to. This urgency in your heart is a stirring not done by human hands. It is an awakening of the true you.
Higher Ground is our response to the longing you feel. It's not something you have to give to, or another meeting to attend. God knows we've had enough programs, and causes, and expertly expounded truths. And no, we don't claim to have the Mystery all figured out -- how boring that would be? But the love of Jesus is sweeping us up in a magnificent story, one we, and you, were destined for from the beginning of time.
We're simply a commonwealth of Christian men who are committed to following Jesus, regardless of the cost. God is our Plan A, partnering with Him our only true destiny, and we recognise that loving Him with every part of our being is the most fulfilling and exhilarating experience available to humankind. He has given us our whole heart back, the fullness of Christ in us, the hope of glory.
We are currently rallying men together at a series of wilderness retreats. And YOU are needed. See for more details.

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Werner Stadler
Cape Town, WC South Africa
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fresh air for the soul!
*editors note: I didn't intend to write a book here, I am just very grateful:) lol Every now and then one needs to withdraw to solitary places. Don't kid yourself -this is not a luxury. Its a necessity, and let me throw my two cents in as to why it is so.. In world full of pitfalls, ambushes and noise set up by our enemy, we are fooling ourselves if we are to think we are some kind of superhero x man - mutated with some sort of antidote able to withstand an unending barrage of attack on our own. If Jesus (the guy we are following here..), being the God/man, needed to exercise spiritual muscle by way of withdrawal to quiet and open spaces, then it follows that so should we. There is still something in our hearts that longs for the restoration of that original garden- the place where our great grandfather Adam walked with his friend (who just so happened to be the creator of the universe) in the cool of the shade, giving name to every good thing that came from Gods creative force. Obviously we don't need a camp for this, but the Higher Ground event will bring a reminder of the desire in our hearts, and the benefit therein from times of reset out in the open space. We are under attack - and more than ever before, and the stakes are high. If we loose it, the valuable collateral around us is jeopardized. I've seen it personally- the casualties are often children, wives, businesses, etc the list goes on. Leadership is under attack - where are the great leaders of this world? We all face issues that are common to us, but we have a Savior who has been there and done that and championed over it all, and He gives us that victory right from the start, and speaks into the future you. Isn't it funny - in a world culture today of anti-Christian no one would say that they wouldn't want to follow a leader like Jesus? We would therefore do well to look like him. If we are to be righteous men we need to take up our place of leadership and strength and go the extra mile, setting our gaze firmly ahead on the kingdom that is to come while we protect and nurture all that depends on us -our families and friends, our businesses, etc. We men are the gatekeepers - using our strength and the unique way we are wired to fight for righteousness in a world (not surprisingly) spiraling out of control. Part of achieving this is the ability to be self aware and self disciplined, consciously maintaining the status of our hearts, while we stand together in community with other men - a band of brothers on a common mission of bringing in Gods kingdom. And what is this kingdom? It is what things look like when Jesus is King. And at the start: the battle for our hearts. So personally, (I notice this post in fast becoming a blog rather that a review! - apologies for this, but that is what happens when there is an open mic haha!) after all of these words I must say that in this Higher Ground group I find a unique proposition. Being a church boy myself, I must say that a few things are unique here (in the context of our "modern western church culture"), and refreshing to me, which keeps me coming back for more camps. For me: -I have been to 2 camps now and I can't even remember if anyone asked me "so what church do you come from?" Its so easy to create the party lines by boxing a fellow Jesus-follower in whatever background they have. So refreshing and simple: We believe in Jesus, and we want him to be our commander-in-chief. Now lets move on. No denominational trophy tussles please! Lets talk rugby, family and business rather.. -There is much time given to connect with other men- sharing stories and advice. We all have a story to tell. -Genuine concern for each others well-being. Ever notice how many times"one another" popps up in the books depicting the early church? Funny that eh. -A continued focus and theme through every camp to put the spotlight on our hearts. God already knows the state of our heart, so it is in fact for our benefit to cry out "Search my heart oh God!" (Check out Psalm 139:23) -Good food and drink! -An unending campfire -A fresh reminder that we were made to also experience God, and the value of experiential knowledge. -An embracing of the science of the functionality of our mind, emotion and will. -A good laugh! -Maintaining good friendships born on camp, after camp. I highly recommend you sign up for the next one! Regards, Nick
Higher Ground Men's Retreat
What an awesome intervention. The sheer extravagance to spend such purposed and passionate time with deep men who desire more of God. It truly impacted my journey with God and consolidated in me - Who I am to Him - What my real name is and a exposure to my true heart that had been hidden for so long. I would strongly recommend that every man afford himself this investment.