Durban, KN South Africa
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Heartland was born out of a desire to see the masculine heart restored to the body of Christ… to the Community.

Heartland is not a ministry, but more a vehicle to express a way of life… to men, and those seeking true manhood… It is not evangelistic in nature but is Christ-Centered.

For males, being male is mandatory, but being a man is a choice. We do not profess to know it all or have the definitive answers. We do however believe that through encouraging men, and boys, into an intimate direct relationship with God through Jesus Christ, we can provide good, Biblical based road-maps to true Godly masculinity.

We run several male focussed events for local communities that occur with the aim of forming healthy bonds and connections within families and the community. This includes:

  1. The Passed Thru Fire Experience - A Rite of passage event for boys with their dads. Boys ages 13 upwards welcomed. The event focuses on showing boys a Godly path to manhood and supporting Dads in walking alongside their sons. The event helps boys answer the questions of Am I strong enough, do I have what it takes?
  2. The Refined by Fire Experience - A Rite of passage event for girls with their dads. Girls ages 13 upwards welcomed. The event focuses on showing Girls a Godly path to womanhood and supporting Dads in walking alongside their daughters. The event answers a girl's question of AM I beautiful, am I worth pursuing?
  3. The Wild at Heart Experience - Bassed on W@H Bootcamps, this is an outdoor experience for men who seek to discover their true wild and dangerous hearts and how they fit in as the men of their communities.
  4. Captivating CORE - Captivating Retreat led by Stasi Eldredge and her team through video session
  5. The Heartland Hunting Experience - A hunting event for boys with their dads. Boys get training on all aspects of ethical hunting and get to harvest an animal with the support of their fathers.
  6. The Heartland Offroad Experience - A Father/Son/daughter event teaching dads the thrill of offroad driving whilst teaching their sons or daughters the skill of guiding vehicles through obstacles.

We do formulate other events for men's groups and communities beyond those offered above.


Primary Contact: 
Daryl Schreiber
Durban, KN South Africa
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This ended up being as much a growth moment for me as a dad, as it was for Erin. An incredible way to plant the seeds of change. Mark 4:30-32
We got involved with Heartland SA in 2015, my husband Andre took one of our sons on a Passed Thru Fire. Our son Daniel came back from that rite of passage event so fired up that he told us that he wanted our whole family to get involved. We did and now six years later we are still involved in this community and so sold out to the idea that restoring masculinity is vital to the well being of any family.