Gideons Army of Idaho
Boise, ID United States
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Our Mission: To connect men to the Father Heart of  God, their hearts, and to local bands of brothers groups in the Treasure Valley. To be a hub that connects men with boot camps offered in the Northwest through intimate ally Bootcamp Northwest and in Colorado through Ransomed Heart Ministries and adventures for men all over the Treasure Valley. For more information on upcoming bootcamps through Bootcamp Northwest; their website can be found at 

Who we Are: A non denominational group for men who wish to connect more intimately with the Father Heart of God, their own hearts, children, wives, and a fellow brotherhood in Christ. Are you a man walking wounded? Do you truly desire a deeper relationship with your Creator who has a perfect plan for your life? Whether you are single, married, or divorced…you don't have to go at it alone. If you are sick of struggling on your own, come out and join one of the many groups of men in the Treasure Valley.  
Our Vision: The purpose of the gatherings, boot camps, and organized adventures  ist to give men permission to be what God designed them to be dangerous, passionate, alive, and free. We want to raise up warriors in the Treasure Valley who will take back the city and change the world. We desire to partner with local churches to help the men in this region come fully alive and release them into their god ordained destinies. We desire to restore what has been lost and take back what the enemy has taken whether it is our city as a whole or on an individual level such as marriages and broken families. 

What We Do:
We are men from all different walks of life, backgrounds, and walks of faith. We have several groups that meet all over the Treasure Valley.
What you do have to do to join us?
All you have to have is a desire to connect with the Father Heart of God, your own heart and men on a deeper level. Come join us, come find the life that God has for you. Come, let God restore your true masculinity. Come, get your heart back. Come, allow God to heal your wounds. Come, find an intimate circle of men who will fight for you and will be your fellow brothers in arms. Come, find a deeper more meaningful walk with God.


Primary Contact: 
Drew Christenson
Boise, ID United States
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Freedom! Jesus came in many wonderful ways. Authentic healing, relevant content, and the recovery of the heart. It was all there. King Jesus Reigns!