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MERIDIAN, ID United States
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For millennia men have come in from work or war and huddled around campfires to share stories, laughter and
the wisdom needed to craft boys into men.

Where are those fires today?

They have never been more needed. The seismic shifts in culture have crushed the souls of men by driving them into
isolation. We’ve believed a lie that we can make life work out on our own, but a man’s heart requires community, a trusted
fellowship to be forged and sharpened by. We need a place to learn God’s ancient path to become good kings. We need to
hear true stories of other men’s trials, failures and successes, first hand and face to face.

We are a collective of men from several different backgrounds and churches. We gather once a month at rotating locations in the Treasure Valley around a fire to practice being sons through prayer and listening to each other's stories. 

The rules are simple - 

Story is King

Honor Other Men

Be Yourself

  -- We would love to have you join us.

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MERIDIAN, ID United States
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Fight Club fire circles
These men genuinely pursue fellowship with other men in a way that is not religious, but where men can show up as their authentic selves, and where we can focus on prayer, scripture, and a relationship with Christ that is truly integrated in our day-to-day. Bryan is a great mentor, facilitator, ally and fellow brother in Christ.
Changed Life!
These guys come from different churches and tribes all over the Treasure Valley! They have truly changed my life forever!