Empty Stone Ministry, INC.
Lavalette, WV United States
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For too long, most of us have resigned ourselves to an existence as lifeless, beat-up, imperfect rocks that are . . . well, just empty in the middle.  This emptiness we can never seem to fill with all of our best (and worst) efforts.


But look again at that hole, that empty space.


You'll find a universal reality that we all possess:  that empty space reveals the only perfect imprint in an otherwise imperfect form, one painfully shaped by time and pressure.  Rocks are formed by time and pressure.  And they become hardened by time and pressure.  But that perfect, empty hole waits, constantly calling out to us.  That "emptiness" was designed for something--and that's what we're after . . . and what God is after!  We are on a journey to restore a life that has been lost; we are on a mission to become LIVING STONES (1 Peter 2:4-6).  Through small groups, camps, retreats and special engagements, we are on a journey of the heart.  Empty Stone Ministry, INC., is a non-profit ministry registered in West Virginia.

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Bert Fulks
Lavalette, WV United States
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Empty Stone
Over the passed 3 years that I have known the gentlemen who started Empty Stone, I have grown to truly experience a Christ centered life. I am thankful that God has brought these men into my life. Through the retreats and the lessons I have begun my journey as a follower of the one who ransomed my heart.