The Christian Center, Hiawatha, KS
Hiawatha, KS United States
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Are you seeking life and freedom?

Walk with us as we follow Jesus. He will restore your heart and set you free.

We meet weekly on Sunday morning, and also have small groups that you can join. All are welcome, especially men who are seeking a band of brothers to share life with.

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Tony French
Hiawatha, KS United States
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Life of Freedom
I was introduced to this group in September of 2014. It has been an uplifting experience for me. This is a group that truly wants to lead people deeply into Christ. Not just lip service, they live what they minister. This is true fellowship. My own walk has been blessed with a deeper understanding, walk and intimacy with Jesus because of the way they accepted me in and the ministry they proclaim. I have gone from being a "God doesn't speak, God is absent" religion to having my eyes and ears opened, my heart of stone being replaced with a heart of love, faith and hope. It is so awesome to really live and enjoy freedom in Christ! I would highly recommend them!!!