Christ in the Rockies
Ft. Collins, CO United States
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Christ in the Rockies helps fathers and sons answer three critical questions:

What is a man?

When and how does one become a man?

As a man, what is the goal?  What should I be aiming for?

Through the main Passage to Manhood camp, Christ in the Rockies helps you explore these important questions and call your son into authentic Christian manhood.  This week long high adventure is specifically designed to engage men in daily activities such as mountain biking and rock climbing that bring out manly qualities of courage, determination and humility.  Each night fathers and sons meet together to share engaging discussion on what it means to be a man.  The week culminates with an inspiring rite-of-passage ceremony where each father calls his son up into manhood in the presence of other like-minded men and welcomes him into the community of men. 

The Great Divide Bike Adventure follows sections of the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route on a 7-9 day trek.  The route consists mostly of interconnected forest service roads, improved gravel and some highway.  Daily rides in remote and beautiful scenery provide father and son an opportunity for adventure and connection.  The evenings will be shared around a camp fire with informal discussions centering on the subject of what is means to be a man, with Jesus Christ as our model.

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Mike Haddorff
Ft. Collins, CO United States
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Enthusiastic Advocate!
I just returned from another week with Christ in the Rockies. I cannot say enough good things about the men of CITR and the week they provide. They have been instrumental in helping me learn about and demonstrate true manhood to my son. If you are looking for adventure on the mountain and with Jesus, CITR really delivers!
Enthusiastic Advocate!
I cant say enough good things about Christ in the Rockies. I just returned from a second week with Christ in the Rockies. I am amazed at how God is working through the men of CITR to help me be the man and father God called me to be. If you are look for real growth and adventure, on the mountain with your son and with Jesus Christ, CITR will deliver.